sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw-debian / README

The sigrok project aims at creating a portable, cross-platform,
Free/Libre/Open-Source signal analysis software suite that supports various
device types (such as logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, multimeters, and more).

sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw is a Free/Libre/Open-source firmware for logic
analyzers based on the Cypress EZ-USB FX2(LP) chip, as well as the
Hantek 6022BE and Sainsmart DDS120 USB oscilloscopes.


sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw is in a usable state and has had official
tarball releases.


 - git
 - make
 - autoconf >= 2.63
 - automake >= 1.11
 - sdcc (>= 2.9.0)


 - In order to build fx2lafw you need the 'sdcc' compiler (>= 2.9.0).
   On Debian you can install it via:

     $ apt-get install sdcc

   This project has been tested to work with sdcc 2.9 and 3.x.

Building and installing

In order to get the sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw source code and build it, run:

 $ git clone git://
 $ cd sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw
 $ ./
 $ ./configure
 $ make

For installing sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw:

 $ make install

The generated *.fw files are installed into /usr/local/share/sigrok-firmware.

You can override the install location like this:

 $ ./configure --prefix=/usr

See INSTALL or the following wiki page for more (OS-specific) instructions:

Pre-built firmware files

There are also pre-built firmware files that can be used without having
to build them from source. You can download those from:


The fx2lafw code uses a (slightly modified) "fx2lib" helper library.

It was imported into fx2lafw from


as of Feb 12, 2012 (git hash "416c104cbd").

The following files/directories were removed, as they're not needed
for our purposes: CHANGELOG, COPYING*, docs/, examples/, fw/, and utils/.

Hantek 6022BE firmware

The Hantek 6022BE firmware was originally created by Jochen Hoenicke in
05/2015 for the Hantek6022API github project by Robert Cope. Full credit
for the implementation of the firmware goes to Jochen Hoenicke, thanks!

Github project:

We've incorporated the Hantek 6022BE firmware into the sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw
repo/tarball for convenience of sigrok users. E.g. so that they can
easily get it with the other fx2lafw firmware files from distro
packages, the build scripts in sigrok-util automatically build/install
it, the sigrok Windows installers automatically ship it, the sigrok
Android APKs automatically ship it, etc. etc.

The files we've integrated into fx2lafw from Hantek6022API were taken from
the PyHT6022/HantekFirmware/custom directory of that repo, using the state
as of 03/2016 (the files were last modified in 05/2015, though).

The git hash of the last relevant commit there was:


Files integrated into fx2lafw:

 - hw/hantek-6022be/dscr.a51: Copied unmodified.

 - hantek_6022be.c: This file was originally created by appending the
   contents of the original device.c and fw.c together.

Sainsmart DDS120 firmware

The Sainsmart DDS120 firmware is heavily based upon the original Hantek 6022BE
firmware, so the items mentioned above apply here as well.

Copyright and license

sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public
License (GPL), version 2 or later.

It uses additional helper code (fx2lib, Hantek 6022BE, and Sainsmart DDS120
firmware), licensed under the GNU LGPL (version 2.1 or later).

While some individual source code files are licensed under the LGPLv2.1+, and
some files are licensed under the GPLv2+, this doesn't change the fact that
the firmware as a whole is licensed under the terms of the GPLv2+.

Please see the individual source files for the full list of copyright holders.

Mailing list


You can find the sigrok developers in the #sigrok IRC channel on Freenode.