manini / src / minIni / dev / minGlue-stdio.h
/*  Glue functions for the minIni library, based on the C/C++ stdio library
 *  Or better said: this file contains macros that maps the function interface
 *  used by minIni to the standard C/C++ file I/O functions.
 *  By CompuPhase, 2008-2014
 *  This "glue file" is in the public domain. It is distributed without
 *  warranties or conditions of any kind, either express or implied.

/* map required file I/O types and functions to the standard C library */
#include <stdio.h>

#define INI_FILETYPE                   FILE*
#define ini_openread(filename,file)    ((*(file) = fopen((filename),"rb")) != NULL)
#define ini_openwrite(filename,file)   ((*(file) = fopen((filename),"wb")) != NULL)
#define ini_openrewrite(filename,file) ((*(file) = fopen((filename),"r+b")) != NULL)
#define ini_close(file)                (fclose(*(file)) == 0)
#define ini_read(buffer,size,file)     (fgets((buffer),(size),*(file)) != NULL)
#define ini_write(buffer,file)         (fputs((buffer),*(file)) >= 0)
#define ini_rename(source,dest)        (rename((source), (dest)) == 0)
#define ini_remove(filename)           (remove(filename) == 0)

#define INI_FILEPOS                    long int
#define ini_tell(file,pos)             (*(pos) = ftell(*(file)))
#define ini_seek(file,pos)             (fseek(*(file), *(pos), SEEK_SET) == 0)

/* for floating-point support, define additional types and functions */
#define INI_REAL                       float
#define ini_ftoa(string,value)         sprintf((string),"%f",(value))
#define ini_atof(string)               (INI_REAL)strtod((string),NULL)